Established in February 1812, the Snow Town Library, originally known as the Snow Town Reading Room, provided a small meeting space and a modest collection of books to Snow Town citizens for a minimal fee.  From the beginning, our Library was the hub and heart of the Snow Town community.  Early settlers created frontier style books clubs, where members would gather by candlelight and read aloud to each other.  The late 19th century brought many changes to the Library, as well as the surrounding area.  As the population grew, so did the needs of Snow Town's readers.  Louise Hoskins, Head Librarian 1889 - 1912, brought the latest novels and periodicals to Snow Town.  Louise was a true believer and early adapter of the Librarian Code of Ethics.  She was a maverick.  Intellectual freedom came first with Louise, and she famously defeated many attempts to censor Snow Town Library's collection of books.  Also a natural at fund raising, Miss Hoskins held formal teas and informal card parties that, over time, paid for the grand brick building that we enjoy today.

Head Librarian, Ruthie Randolph (standing)
and Librarian Aide Extraordinaire, Molly Harmon,

watch over Snow Town Library.
The spirit of Louise Hoskins lives on in her great grand-niece, Ruthie Randolph, Snow Town's Head Librarian.  Ms. Randolph manages a wonderful volunteer staff, maintains a year round fund raising effort and continues Aunt Louise's strong tradition of adhering to the Librarian Code of Ethics.  Her love of books is contagious.  There is always a waiting list to join Ruthie's weekly Book Club.  Someone recently asked Ruthie to name her favorite book.  Her quick reply, "Asking me to select a favorite book is much like asking a parent to select a favorite child.  I cannot do it.  I will not."
Snow Town Library's Winter Hours:
Monday  9am-1pm  3pm-7pm
Tuesday  3pm-7pm
Wednesday  3pm-7pm
Thursday  3pm-7pm
Friday  Closed
Saturday  9am-1pm  3pm-7pm
Sunday  Closed

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